Plumbers & Gasfitters Local 12 Mission


Welcome to our site! The purpose and mission of Plumbers Local 12 has been, and will continue to be, to protect the public and insure the health and safety of our environment for the citizens of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. We have and will always insure that the integrity of the laws and regulations for plumbing are not compromised or changed to allow sub standard material or work which could impact homeowners and their families. Plumbers & Gasfitters Local 12 Boston will continue to insure that the rights of plumbers are protected at the work site and insure that plumbers and their families do not fall victim to unscrupulous employers who do not pay overtime, the proper prevailing wages, illegally classify plumbers as independent contractors, and force plumbers to perform shoddy work and/or install material and equipment that does not conform to the code. Business Manager, Harry Brett

  • Local 12 newest contractor CMP Plumbing

    Local 12 is happy to welcome the hard working men and woman of CMP Plumbing. CMP has already hit the ground running, winning a number of jobs. CMP now has an unlimited supply of well trained, highly skilled work force. We look forward to thier sucess

  • Local 12 Training

    Local 12 Business Manager Harry Brett addresses our apprentices about upcoming day school. Local 12 enters an exciting new educational model. 

  • Member's Son Going for National Silver Gloves Boxing Title

    We would like to wish Brother Tom Hedin's son, Tommy Hedin Jr. good luck this weekend.(Feb 1 &2) Tommy (13 years old) is the New England Silver Gloves 132lb Boxing Champion. he is competing this weekend for the National Title in Independance Missouri. Our hopes and prayers are with you Tommy.


    Tommy did a great job this weekend!  Tommy made it to the Semi-Finial but lost in a split decision, to the fighter who would eventually win. Tommy is currently ranked the country 

  • Meeting with Congresswoman Niki Tsongas

    Business-Manager Harry Brett, Business Agents Tim Fandel, and Barry Keady met with Congresswoman Niki Tsongas to discuss local issues.


  • Marty Walsh Election

    Marty Walsh thanking the United Assocition Local's 12, 550 and 537 for our help during the election.

  • Employment Opportunities : Tremendous Improvement

    UNEMPLOYED MEMBERS are reminded that employment opportunities have improved tremendously. Members who are looking for employment should make sure to be on the drug free list maintained by Modern Assistance at 1458 Hancock St., Quincy, Mass and can be reached at 617-773-5169.

  • Drain cleaning legislation pending

    Where does “drain cleaning” end and plumbing begin? It’s a reasonable question.

    Anybody can set up a drain cleaning business, whereas plumbers (as well as other professional tradespeople) need to be licensed and adhere to certain standards and regulations. That leaves consumers without any recourse when a drain cleaning service call goes wrong. A drain cleaning certification bill that is pending before the state legislature would help address issues such as these.

  • What is Rate Work?

    If you have not been paid the rate (or if you just have questions about how it works), we can help. Local12’s wage enforcement collects
    certified payrolls on every state and local job in our jurisdiction. So call andask to speak with Paul Coutinho at 617-288-6200 x139,
    and he can help you. You can also call the Attorney General’s office at 617-727-2200

    The Public Authority responsible for the job must post a sheet that states the wage rate for your trade at the project site. Most often, it
    is posted in the GC’s trailer.