Looking for a Career as a Plumber Apprentice?

Plumbers Local #12 Education Fund is a comprehensive five year apprentice training program. The program combines class instruction along with hands on training in the field. The training of our apprentices in the best in the industry. Plumbers Local #12 strives to make the most well rounded journeymen in the plumbing industry.

The Plumbers Union Local #12 Apprenticeship Program is a five year program that covers over 200 hours per year of classroom instruction. Classes include plumbing code to specialized training in welding, medical gas, solar hot water heating and rain water re-use.

Plumbers Union Local #12 trains our apprentices to work in many environments including but not limited to residential settings, the most technical of laboratories and commercial projects.

What makes Plumbers Union Local #12 apprentices different than other apprentices? Our apprentices adhere to the strict guidelines of our Joint Apprentice Committee as well as industry and state standards.

Plumbers Union Local #12 apprentices are drug-free, highly motivated individuals that are encouraged to be the best in the plumbing industry.

Plumbers Union Local #12 trains their apprentices to become journeymen who are able to work anywhere in the industry.